LISTEN!! [Announcements]

Thank you all so much for following me and I have some exciting news.


First off I finally have a regular schedule for this effing site: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be reviews while keep an eye out on the remaining days for bonus content like ficts, tutorials and the second part of my news:


Yes, I am opening my blog to guest bloggers. There are just genres I know I just won’t cover- horror, shounen, softcore hentai- that I think needs to be covered. Therefore, I am welcoming guest bloggers in to post every Thursday. There are some requirements you must know:

  • YOU MUST be an anime blogger. I mean seriously, I am not going to let someone who isn’t an anime fan blog here- the exception being software reviewers but that isn’t open as of yet.
  • You must be on time with your content. If you aren’t ready by Thursday then you won’t be published. End story.
  • You must run spellcheck and grammar on your posts. I will do some light editing but the majority must be done by you. If it looks shitty then it’s not going up.
  • No one is being paid for this. I’m not getting paid, you aren’t getting paid. There are no ads here nor donation system so this is strictly a exposure/pro bono type job.
  • Do NOT use your review to garner hate speech, racism, sexism or your own political agenda. This is a very casual site but political/religious talk is not allowed. If I wanted that kind of blog, I would start one.
  • Your content is yours. It’s not mine. You wrote it. If I provided pictures and screencaps for you, they are mine but that aside, EVERYTHING in your post is yours. You can rip it and post it elsewhere, I give not a fart.
  • No less than 500 words in your post. I have at the least 495 words in every post. You should know my format by now and if you don’t, this is the time to look.

Those are the basics. If you are interested or have more questions, shoot me a question in the comment section below, on tumblr or on DeviantArt

Next in my updates is that this summer, the first Insanity Chronicles Light Novel [a collaborative story between me and Sokras Shibuya] will be published as an ebook! It will be put out through GumRoad and in the pay what you want model. So yes, you could get it free but the money from that will help fun the Visual novel and an official website for both Insanity Chronicles and my personal website [aka this]. More news coming!

Also for writing, I am going to be rebooting several old ficts and publishing new ones. The fun starts late May 2013 with Contract, a Yu-Gi-Oh fict of epic proportions! Keep an eye out for the trailer in the meantime.

So that’s all for now. Leave any questions and concerns in the comments! :D

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